Energize Business online/offline documents & publication 
It Bring Back Reader Natural Experience with eflipage

Business News Letter /Market Research Report / Journals /Magazine / Corporate Presentation / Product Catalogs / Brochure
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Web Responsive Page Document, Publishing Edition 

Energize & redesign the Print & Non Print Published material to share & promote your business electronically

Create a digital edition of your printed materials with out losing the reader experience to add to your marketing campaign. Make it a classic redesign of your printed & digital materials or add rich features to make the information more powerful than ever before:

Brand Video - image galleries - Brand Sounds - Corporate Animation - Surveys - forms - unique advertising opportunities - Membership forms - Product "rollovers" - links to articles - Payment Collection and more

Reach more customers, online or offline, on any computer/ phone/ tablet, and pitch to them about connecting with you !

It Bring Back Reader Natural Experience

Turn your inactive online & offline publication & documentation active & reaches million , promote your product & service like never before 
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Publication Sell Product & Service

Sell your Product from Catalog & Collect Payment, Collect Lead 

Adv on Publication & gen Revenue

Place Video & Dynamic Adv on your online document & publication

Host on Cloub & download

Responsive turn page make your document like website host with us or download to use it offline

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