Funding Policy

        Funding Policy

Policy 0.1
Please, read our funding policy carefully before sending us a business fund request.

The purpose of this policy is to delineate the intentions of the Growth business fund platform & it aim to provide the easy & effective access to business funding for business venture & fund for entrepreneur whose business has the potential of enhancing the country’s GDP growth. This platform acts as a catalyst for the growth of the business and the overall business environment for the greater business community through total co-operation.This will support the business which are judiciously with in the by-law of the country & rules of the growth business funding platform policy.

Where We fund
The Growth business fund platform focuses primarily in the areas of:
  • Small scale & Medium Scale Industry
  • Business Startup (Software ,Consulting,electronic product)
  • Online business (E-grocery , E-food , Retail,Wholesale)

The Growth business fund platform, through the establishment of this policy and procedure, desires to make the application process simple and feasible for the applicants, yet at the same time ensure the proper stewardship of the business funds used to enhance the entrepreneur community/business venture’s growth.Additionally, the Growth business fund platform desires to expose to the citizens of the community, whenever possible, the decisions of the Growth business fund platform is taken in an open and professional manner There are two streams in Growth business fund platform for business funding one is bank fund & other is investor group, applicants can apply to any stream under our pro-active applications route. In order to be funded, business/entrepreneur should clearly and substantively fit within one or more of the company policy focus areas.
As a matter of principle the platform does not support full funding for business.Entrepreneur must demonstrate a commitment to the program through a meaningful contribution of their own human and/or financial resources. In terms of funding, this means that the platform will support a grant between 80% and 90% of the overall selected required fund or project budget, depending on the individual case.
We operate exclusively within our remit area. Only applications registered under indian company & firm act & have a legal status to live in india will be considered..
Please note that local branches of global business which are based within the remit area, or business delivered with in the country by organisations working on a national basis, are not generally supported.

Who We fund
We provide financial as well as in-kind support to business to maximise the impact and influence of the business by providing: access to our Market Research expert and strategic expertise in specific industrial areas, 
Applications for business funding are welcome from entrepreneur, business venture and institutions anywhere in india and is not restricted to the industry sector community.
The Growth Business funding platform specialises in supporting & helping business startup . We will consider any work which has a positive effect on your business and quality of revenue or which expands the opportunities and life choices of indian business in this region.Areas of support to-date have included Marketing ,Management Consulting ,learning knowledge, technology & Strategic solution.
Though the majority of the recipients of our grants are registered company, we will also consider applications from other types of organisations which are pursuing charitable causes , where aims and objectives are ‘not for profit'. Whilst we recognise the need for specialist or professional care in some circumstances, preference is given to ‘hands on’ organisations with a high volunteer input.

What we don't fund (exclusions)
  • The Growth Business fund Platform does not provide funding support for:
  • Activities outside the Platform policy focus areas;
  • Personal needs;
  • Debt or mortgage payment;
  • General operational expenses, beyond the approved level of overhead;
  • Institutions that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or sexual orientation in policy or in practice;
  • Lobbying, electioneering, or political activities; and
  • Any litigation that is underway, contemplated, or completed.
  • Business Funding Procedure

Those individuals or business entities seeking consideration of funding for the projects, which meets the above stated criteria should request funding through our online funding process or send a mail to instantiate our funding process.
If the potential business applicant meets the above criteria, an application for business assistance must be filled out in detail for evaluation and review.
When the Funding Executive, with the aid of the Financial Advisor, Legal Advisor and members of the board feel the application is complete it shall be assigned to our partner by the Growth business fund platform for further review. If the funding department deems appropriate, the business plan will(with help of legal counsel of growth business fund dept) be presented in the form of a performance agreement, which will then be reviewed by both the growth business platform team and the applicant. Once all parties agree to the terms & conditions of the business plan & potential opportunity of your area of business, a non disclosure agreement will be enabled for you to share the second level of business Plan. Once approved by the GBFP the business fund request will be recommended to the appropriate Investor group or Group of bank for funding process..
Funding of the business will take place through the terms and specifications delineated in the performance agreement.

Note :Growth business fund platform has all rights to change / update the policy as and when it like to do so & keep the latest policy for the business fund applicant

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