The capital funding is the important milestone of any new venture launch & business expansion with the right partner you can cross the milestone effective & efficiently 
Growth business fund platform provide the easy & effective access to business venture & entrepreneur community fund searching ,who having the potential of making the difference 
to country GDP growth,Platform aimed be as catalyst for the growth of the business and the overall business environment for the greater entrepreneur community

We Make Your Business Fund Search Easier

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Enter our funding Process

The Growth business fund platform provide two funding streams for business & entrepreneur fund search one is business funding other is investor capital Stream,.To enter any of our stream you need to send us business plan with the clear revenue projection ,We have made the process simple & it will take five mins

Stream-1 (Secured/Unsecured funding process)
  1. Secured fund: If you have collateral to pledge like property or asset & one source of income
  2. Unsecured Business fund:If your business is generating revenue & more than 3 yrs old showing positive trends in turnover & making profit for the last 2 yrs or having backup for the loan or 10lac to 100Cr annual turnover (Your Income Tax Returns of the last 2 years should reflect taxable income of above 2 Lakhs per annum.)
Stream-2 (Investor funding process)
  1. Free funding process with limited investor but high chance of funding opportunity for the breakthrough business idea.
  2. Paid funding with larger number of investor with dedicated funding group of different industry sector with Seed ,Capital & Angel type of investor the ROI in this stream in high.The investment success based on your business potential in market not much on present financial strength 
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We research on market & forsight market trend to invest in future business 
  • Hotel Industry

  • Small & Medium Scale Industry

  • IT Industry

Business Plan & Culture of planning.

Business plan is the process document of business management the commercialization of your business idea & reflection of the feasibility of your business idea & growth. A single document with the technical,Market potential & business strategy with the financial projection of the future growth will make the business plan critical refection of the business for the outsider,generally business plan can be categorised Business plan for funding & Investor,Classical business plan for startup,Lean & one page
business plan.The culture of planning is more of community driven their may be community who has the planning in their culture & some dont have injecting the culture of planning in the entrepreneur community is essential for the community larger success.There’s a qualitative difference between an community that usually, frequently or occasionally plans, and one that has planning endemic to its culture.

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    How to write business Plan for funding

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